Hotshots Athletics Basketball Academy

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Mission statement

Hotshots Athletics After School Sports Program priority is to provide a safe, engaging, and nurturing environment for families requiring quality Sports programs for after school. Our mission emphasizes creating an atmosphere that balances student hand-eye coordination, body balance, foot work skills, jumping skills, running technique, physical activity, and learning opportunity in a stimulating and enjoyable setting. The programs offered by Hotshots Athletics provide parents with safe, convenient, reliable, and affordable out-of-school time sports instruction for their children. The programs maintain clear policies and procedures and actively encourage and welcome open communication and parent involvement.

Program Goals

  • The goals of the After-School Program are to:
    • Provide a safe, healthy sports environment. 
      • Stimulate a child’s potential to grow physically, emotionally, intellectually and socially through individual and team sports development. 
      • Provide a place to exercise, run , jump and learn the rules and details of the sports taught.
      • Increase a child’s self-awareness, confidence, and self-worth. 
      • Build an enjoyment for the benefits of individual and team sports.